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Cakes are special, and no occasion is complete without cutting a one. There is a way we all have been celebrating, and now cakes are part of every occasion, celebration, party and special moment. Nonetheless, be it an adult or child, people of every age expect a delicious cake to make their celebration sweeter. So, now cake cutting has become a ritual, and without this no ceremony, party comes to an end.

Nowadays people have moved from the conventional way of getting a cake or making one. Personalization is now what makes the cake more appropriate for the occasion. One such event is the gender reveal and throwing a baby shower party. It’s special for the ‘to be parents’ and gender reveal cakes are one of the most critical things in the party while revealing the gender of their baby to friends and family.

Happy Cake has understood the sentiments and has created a few cakes, especially for such special moments.

Layers Of Moist And Delicious Cheese Cream Cake

This is indeed a special way to announce the gender of the baby with a Jumbo cake made with blue and pink colour to make others guess about till the cake is cut.

It’s a Boy or a Girl?

Cupcakes are the favourite way to personalize any occasion. if you are looking for ‘cake near me’, then Happy Cake is where you can get customized cake online and get it super-fast delivered.

Baby Showers are Special

When you are throwing a baby shower party for your friend, get personalized cupcakes online from Happy Cake as per your theme. Because getting a cake is one thing having a dessert table with cupcakes just makes it even more appealing.

It‘s BLUE! It’s a Baby Boy!

Yes, after the big announcement, you need a cake sliding through the doors that makes it clear that it’s a boy! Happy Cake provides a wide range of options to get customized as per your requirement, and you can choose the flavour of your choice. Getting customized cake online in Dubai is now just a click away!

It’s A Baby Girl, And It Calls For A Party

Yes, Happy Cake has cakes, cupcakes and delicious cheese cream cake to celebrate every occasion. When having a theme party for a gender revelation, then getting personalized cupcakes for the dessert table is a must. Opting for Happy Cake in Dubai will be a good choice because you get to choose your flavour, filling and as per your theme party.

Donuts & Macaroons

The would-be mothers are the special one who deserves a baby shower party to make her feel good, special and happy. If you want to throw a baby shower party in Dubai and are looking for ‘cake shops near me’ on your phone, try Happy Cake for customized cakes like this one – layers of moist and delicious cheese cream cake are one of Happy Cake’s specialities.

Being a good host starts from ordering a cake that is apt for the occasion, and getting one of Happy Cake’s personalized cakes will only make your moments even more special than usual.


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