International Men’s Day – Cakes are for everyone!

International Men’s Day is a day that is emblematic of male-centric concerns like men’s and boys’ health, discrimination against men, appreciating men in our lives, etc. Many of us are still not aware that a day like this exists, but actually, it goes back to the early 1990s where it all started, and in recent times, there has been a revival, and now it’s been celebrated every year just like Women’s Day.

So, every year Men’s day is celebrated on November 19th by more than 70 countries of the world, including UAE, the USA, the UK, India, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hungary, etc. The day is devoted to all men in the world and is celebrated to address the topics that need to be discussed more often than rare, like toxic masculinity, male mental health issues and appreciation. The day honours and celebrates a positive male image and lightens the diverse issues that men encounter in today’s world.

It’s about time to honour the men in our lives! Now all the ladies out there have International Men’s Day to reciprocate the love you receive on Women’s day from the men in your lives.

 While the aim remains to spread awareness about these issues on a larger scale, every one of us can be a part of this global campaign by starting at your home. One of the best things you can do in the spirit of this day is to surprise him with his favourite flavour cake. Cakes are here to celebrate special occasions, and here’s one to celebrate the manhood of your brother, husband, son, father, boyfriend, or grandfather. Seeing a custom cake will be one of the best comfort foods for them, and the very thought of celebrating them is enough to make the person feel loved.

Here are some delicious Happy Cake flavours that the special person in your life will love and appreciate this International Men’s Day.

Overload Chocolate Drip

There is something about chocolate that men cannot say no to! This chocolate cake is designed and made with full cream, real chocolate and made perfect to surprise your better half with it!

Sprinkle Rainbow Cake

Men play multiple roles in our lives, and then sprinkle over the cake describes the way they make our life full of rainbow colours—this beautiful cake you can order online from and express your gratitude.

Red Velvet Cake

There is nothing more romantic than a red velvet cake to express your love, gratitude and how much you appreciate their presence in your life. Express your love a cake that describes it all.

Now you can order online and even get it custom made from us! From photo cake to Tiramisu cake, all are available here at Happy Cake! Because we know how much love goes into surprising someone with a cake one loves. Apart from that, you can also add flowers to your cake to please your man. To explore more cake options, please visit:


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